Microdermabrasion using Jan Marini Products - £40

This is a non-surgical procedure that exfloiates the Stratum Corneum Course of 6 - P.O.A.
Crystal Clear Microderm abrasion - 45mins - £40
Crystal Clear Deluxe Microderm - 1hr 15mins - £50

The Age of Intervention Regeneration Facial

An entirely new concept in topical anti ageing and skin regeneration - £45
that benefits any skin type.

Glycolic Peels

Clarifies skin texture, minimises fine lines, wrinkles and fades the

appearance of discolouration. Also assists in resolving acne. - £60
A home care programme to prepare skin for treatment is required
2 weeks prior to treatment

Enlighten Resurfacing

Addresses hyperpigmentation and facial discolouration.
This facial is designed to brighten the skin and encourage the - £45
uniform appearance of even stubborn facial discolouration

Rosacea Resurfacing

Clarifies skin texture while helping to reduce redness and - £45
sensitivity and decrease facial papules.


Facial with consultation - £29

Seasonal Facial
All skin types - £29

Essential Facial - £35

Hydrating Facial £40

Resurfacing Facial £45

Add to a facial £13

CACI | Non-Surgical Facelift
Course of 15 facial treatments £615
Individual Facial Treatment £48
Anti-wrinkle Ultimate CACI facial £32